Set Operator

Sets the value of an attribute on a record


// Set attribute to value
record.attribute := value

// Remove attribute
record.attribute := none


record.attribute := value sets attribute to value. If record already has an attribute with a value, then this will overwrite it. Otherwise, if record doesn’t have an attribute with this name already, then := will create the attribute and set it to value.

attribute can be an attribute already on the record, or it can be a new attribute.

value can be a string or number literal, a record, or a variable bound to one of these.

record.attribute := none sets the value of attribute to the special value none, which is the empty set (a set with no elements).


Set the age of #students that don’t already have an age.

  student = [#student]
  age = if student.age then student.age
        else if student.grade then student.grade + 6
  student.age := age

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