Eve for Programmers

As a programmer, you probably find it easy to switch between different programming langauges. If you know Javascript, you probably wouldn’t have a hard time learning similar langauges like C++, Java, or Python. That’s because despite syntactic differences, these languages largely conform to the same programming model. When we program in languages like these, we use similar abstractions between them – loops, functions, and input/output patterns have become a staple of every programmer’s toolbox. When we solve problems, we usually reach a solution in terms of these primitive operations.

Eve is a different kind of programming langauge from Javascript or Python, so programmers new to Eve may feel a little lost at first. How do you get anything done in a language without loops? How do you compose code without functions? The purpose of this guide is to provide a mapping from the common tools you know, to the Eve way of solving problems. We’ll look at some programs written in Javascript, and see how they Eve can solve them.


Functions are the fundamental unit of code reuse in most conventional programming languages. These langauges typically start from a “main” function, and branch