Getting Help

If you have any questions or get stuck while you are learning Eve, there are several ways to get help:

Before reaching out, make sure you’ve looked at the following resources:

  • Read the quick start guide. It contains everything you’ll need to build your first Eve program.
  • Read the syntax reference. It summarizes the syntax of Eve on a single sheet of paper.

If you’re still stuck, you can get in touch with Eve developers and the community through these channels:

  • Send a message to the mailing list. We generally respond to messages within a day.
  • Send a tweet to @with_eve.
  • Submit an issue to our GitHub repository.
  • Join the Eve Slack channel to talk with Eve developers and the community in real time (coming soon)

Hare are some more resources to help you learn Eve:

  • Browse our growing catalog of example applications for something similar to what you’re doing.
  • Read our development blog to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at Eve.

See Also

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