Eve in Docker

A Docker container for Eve is available on Docker Hub. After installing Docker for your platform, you can download our container with the following command:

docker pull witheve/eve

Windows Users - Docker for Windows requires Microsoft Hyper-V, which requires Windows 10.


To run the Docker container, execute:

docker run -p [port]:8080 witheve/eve

[port] is an available port on your local machine. It can be 8080 or any other port you would like. Then direct your browser to http://localhost:[port] to access the editor.

[eve_file] is a path to a *.eve file you would like to build. The working directory of the container is eve/build, so to run a program in the eve/examples directory, you need to provide a relative path e.g.

docker -p 8080:8080 witheve/eve

To pass Eve files on your local machine into the container, you’ll need to mount a docker volume.

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