Databases contain records


// search action
search @database1, ..., @databaseN

// Commit action
commit @database1, ..., @databaseN

// Bind action
bind @database1, ..., @databaseN


<action> @database performs the given action, one of search, bind, or commit, on the union of the provided databases.

If no database is provided with an action, then that action is performed on the default @session database.

Creating and Searching Databases

You can create databases on-demand by simply committing a record to one. e.g.

commit @my-database

This block will create a new database called “my-database”, which will contain the newly committed record. You can now search for this record in your new database:

search @my-database

bind @browser
  [#div text: "Found a record!"]

Special Databases

Eve has some built-in databases that have meaning to the runtime.

  • @session - the default database when no database is specified with an action.
  • @view - records committed to @view are used to visualize data.
  • @event - contains events originating from the DOM
  • @browser - Eve clients running in the browser render applicable records in this @browser as HTML elements.
  • @http - Stores records representing HTTP requests and responses


Display the element that was clicked in the DOM

search @event
  [#click #direct-target element]

commit @browser
  [#div text: "{{element}} was clicked."]

Commit some data in @session, and then display it on a button click.

  [#for-display text: "Hello"]

We are searching over three databases to complete this block.

  • the #click is in @event
  • the #button is in @browser
  • the text for display is in @session. This needs to be made explicit; since we are searching in other databases, @session is not searched implicitly.
search @event @browser @session
  [#click element: [#button]]
  [#for-display text]

commit @browser
  [#div text]

This block could have been written with two searches for the same effect:

search @event @browser
  [#click element: [#button]]

  [#for-display text]

commit @browser
  [#div text]

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